Welcome to tellmethebasics.com, a website providing you with a jumpstart into a number of subjects. The idea for this website sprung to mind on a cold and rainy afternoon. I was trying to get an understanding of Alfresco and was looking for a small article that gave me some insight. Blame it on Google, blame it on me, but for the likes of me I couldn't find it. So logically (sort of) I started a new website with the information I found on Alfresco. From there on a number of experts provided articles for this website.

Maybe you would like to help in writing articles for this site. if there is some field that you're an expert in and you want to share this knowledge with the world, drop me a line at frank@tellmethebasics.com.

These are the currently available Q&A's that will help you to get started:

The basics of Alfresco

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